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Sour Condiments Aged

 Homemade condiment with a wholly-owned production line that follows the ancient procedures of the tradition of the city of Modena.


White Remello

White Remello

Aging 6 months.

Bottles of 500 ml.

Blue - Red - Gold Remello

blue red gold remello

Blue - Red - Gold Remello

  • Blue: 250 ml bottles - 2 decants aging;
  • Red: 250 ml bottles - 5 decants aging;
  • Gold: 250 ml bottles - 10 decants aging;

Remello Lacrime Tears

Remello Lacrime Tears

Remello Lacrime (Tears)

The Remello Lacrime (Tears) is a balsamic condiment exclusively produced from grapes in our vineyard.

After a gentle pressing, you get: "flower must".

The must is cookedover low heat for ten to twelve hourse in open vessel boilers in order to obtain a high concentration of sugars.

Put into oak barrels in undegoes a slow process of acetification, with a maturity of  25 "travasi" (decant from one barrel to a smaller one) it acquires the tipical aromas and scents of this product of the traditional of Modena.

Remello  is a homemade balsamic dressing with a wholly-owned production line.

Follows the ancient traditional procedures without added aromas, colorants or preservatives.

Clearly stands out from similar products with industrial backgrounds.

Remello is the high quality condiment to be enjoyed on vegetables, meats, cheeses, fruits and sweets.