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Monte Remellino Azienda Agricola

Monte Remellino Farm

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena...


Batteries of Balsamic Vinegar

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Family run business
for three generations, dedicated to viticulture with production...


Winery Monte Remellino

Monte Remellino

Situated in the hills of Modena, in the municipality of Castelvetro.


Guided tours Monte Remellino

Products of the Winery   Lambrusco Grasparossa "Father's Red" and Pignoletto "Bice's White"... Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. Sour Condiments Aged. Fruit Condiments. Beer Balsamic Vinegar. Guided tours Year 2017 Guided tours Italian

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Fruit Condiments

REMELPESCA REMELCOCCA REMELIEGIA REMELPESCA It's a sweet and sour condiment with cooked peach juice, sweet and delicate. Bottle 250...

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Beer Balsamic Vinegar

Il Balsambirra BALSAMBIRRA  BEER BALSAMIC VINEGAR Sweet and sour condiment made with beer. BALSAMBIRRA is a condiment with strong...

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Monte Remellino Wines

Our wine production is expressed in careful and attentive production of two typical wines of our territory of Modena:...

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Condimento Balsamico

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Guided Tours

Visite guidate aceto balsamico modena



Family run business for three generations, dedicated to viticulture with production of LAMBRUSCO GRASPAROSSA, PIGNOLETTO, BALSAMIC TRADITIONAL vinegar of Modena and BALSAMIC CONDIMENTS.

Guided tours with reservation


Guided tours at company headquarters with reservetion (min. 2 - max. 20 people).

Ample parking is also available for motorhomes.

TIMETABLES: tours 10am and 15am.

LANGUAGES: English - Franch.

E-mail: info@monteremellino.it

+39 333 3969516

Complete Tour



- cellar visit with explanations about the production processes for white wines and red wines;

- acetaia (vinegar production rooms) visit with explanation of the entire production chain of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena through the visit of boiling room, must store room, cask room, aging room;

- itinerary in the vineyard with explanations on conduction and pruning;

- explanation on the methodology for a proper tasting of balsamic.


In a cosy home environment:

Rich tasting with a welcome glass of Pignoletto; three types of balsamic vinegar with different aging (fruit balsamic tasting on request); a glass of Lambrusco wine with typical products (salami and cheeses) and traditional local sweets.

Euro 15,00 per person

visite guidate